Wednesday, 7 March 2018


As regards the surgery of a wrong patient , I think the MD , Mrs Koros should not have been sent for a compulsory leave , this is an inside job for somebody to carry a cross anyone to suffer . May I beg the government to allow MD back to work as investigation goes on .

Monday, 16 October 2017


Nasa is after destruction of a repeat of the presidential election.
But they have no power to change anything, so election will have to continue a planned.
My dear Kenyans, on Thursday next week we weak up very very early we go and complete that work.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Photos, Videos and Current News. : NASA'S DEMONSTRATIONS

Photos, Videos and Current News. : NASA'S DEMONSTRATIONS: Nasa is asking for security as they demonstrate,  but my question is how can thieves be given security while they are looting people's p...


Nasa is asking for security as they demonstrate,  but my question is how can thieves be given security while they are looting people's property and causing damages?
This is very impossible, they are after looting, they are not after demonstration. They should think twice before they go to the demonstrations.


Please Hon Raila take care, Kenya is BIGGER than anybody else. We will not accept to destroy our country because of one person.
This mass action is destroying our economy. Youths are looting, destroying property which is against the mass action in the Constitution.
We want peace in our country no matter what.
IEBC commissioners will remain in the office until their term ends.
Please Raila don't fool Kenyans, you have planned mass action with the youths which is very very long .

Monday, 9 October 2017


Raila is not a  real man to confuse the government. He is not in a position to tell the government what he wants, in short I mean he can't command the government to do what he wants.                                  The government stands on its own. Raila wants to take control of even the government which is very impossible, whatever complain he has wants it done which is very very impossible.                          For instance he wanted the IEBC commissioners moved out of the office which is very very impossible. Even the court ruled today, it's impossible. This was a very big blow to Nasa because they didn't expect that.                                   Nasa wants to take effect everything for granted which is impossible. This is the time they should give  up doing election , you see this is the time they should be doing campaign but unfortunately they are doing other businesses.                                 It's very very unfortunate for them.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017


At this time we are in,  Nasa should think twice,  things are no longer better at the moment.                         The economy is not good any more, many businesses depends on the other business. For instance if you are an importer, you can't import bearing how the situation is at this time in our country.                           Opposition knows very well what they are doing. They are destroying every sector in our economy.              I would call upon them today,  please SAVE Kenya, Kenya is BIGGER than anybody,  please please.